Grower Testimonials:

"My sheep are eating it like candy!"

"Finest stem I've ever seen on this type of dried down really well."

"The re-growth after baling is quicker than sorghum-sudangrass."

Harold Heidelbaugh, Delphos, OH.

"My thoughts on Pro Max are that I would like to buy enough seed to plant 300-400 acres for summer grazing next summer. The cattle love to graze it and it worked very well for us on our southern sandy soils, high humidity and frequent/infrequent rains. We like it very much. The nutritive content seemed to be good also. The cattle gained well and they consumed it right down to the ground."

"How do I order more?"

Mike Bishop, Mississippi Cattleman

" costs me a lot less to plant Pro-Max because I have plenty to graze now for my 4th grazing and with my BMR Sorghum Sudangrass I'd just have weeds..."

Kenny Bontrager, Dairy grazer - Shipshewana, IN

Kenny's observations:

#1 Pro-Max tillers more than Sorghum Sudangrass.

#2 Pro-Max gets thicker with each grazing.

#3 His cows are milking heavily on the Pro-Max.

#4 He says he will keep planting Pro-Max instead of BMR Sorghum Sudangrass because its more valuable to him as it gives him an extra grazing or two (and it saved him this summer from having to feed a lot of his hay). View a video here of the difference!

Kenny Bontrager, Dairy grazer - Shipshewana, IN

The grower is pleased with it. One of his workers said that the dry cows "tore it up" when given the option of Pro-Max or other alternatives. We took some yield data off the second cutting and sent it to the lab for analysis. It had 2.5% more TDN than the normal sudex he was growing and 2% more protein.

Corey Lutz, North Carolina